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The Success of 'In The Distance' To Date, Thank You

A July release, sold some records, did some interviews, mailed out A LOT of discs and connected with as many broadcasters as possible. On streaming platforms like Pandora, tracks have had nearly 420,000 spins, and in the radio business I'm very interested in our charting position. Right now, 'In The Distance' is charting at #14 of Zone Music Reporter's Top 100. Whether you purchased a copy or you're one of many enjoying it on your favorite streaming platform, your support is elevating the record beyond what I imagined for it. Thank you. (Dec. 2018)

With a boost from its launch into online streaming, an editorial thrust and many discs in the mail, the record is reaching so many new audiences - and on a global-scale. ZoneMusicReporter is a leading authority on what's taking shape in acoustic instrumental, ambient, chill, contemporary instrumental, neo-classical, solo piano, and the list goes on.

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