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'What perhaps makes this album so impressively memorable is that it is so vibrant overall' -

The Independent Music Awards winning artist Dyan Garris of had some great thoughts on the new record. Dyan is well-known for her New Age Spiritual Toolbox™ series which supports relaxation and meditation.

Check out's full review of In The Distance, here. "This album, which releases July 6, 2018, is really quite remarkable and noteworthy. It’s not necessarily the passion that shines through in every note of every composition that makes it so. It’s not necessarily the absolutely flawless performance throughout. It’s not the perfect cadence either. And it’s not the fact that Michael expertly utilizes the entire instrument, both upper and lower registers. (It’s as if he is one with the piano, the whole thing and the whole way through). By the way, Michael is considered legally blind."

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