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Pre-Order Now | In The Distance, New Solo Piano Album Set for July 6 Release

In The Distance, a solo piano and concept album, will be released on Friday, July 6. You can now pre-order In The Distance on iTunes here, and receive Never Looking Back from the album as an immediate download. A sneak peek at one of the album's tracks, to share or listen to Never Looking Back, it’s available on YouTube here and below.

In making the album, the fundamental goal was always to create beautiful solo piano music, and that goal was achieved, but it’s important to recognize In The Distance did take a step beyond that. With inspiration from some of my favorite music, shows, films and the many stories told throughout, the album was produced with a loose setting in mind and complementary themes.

Setting & Concept: A global, extinction level event is certain and close in time. Few will survive, those that do will slowly fade away. Developed under this focus, this concept album explores the thought of living your life haunted by the ticking of a clock in the aftermath of a horrible truth revealed.

I’ve always had an interest in sci-fi horror movies, and the music I’ve enjoyed most has typically had a distinct story or theme connecting it. In writing the music for this I wanted to create a concept record so that everyone could bring their own perspective. That was my commitment and focus throughout each song’s conception. However, these are piano solos and there’s no lyrics here to narrate a story for you. I wanted to recognize the intent and general inspirations behind it, but I’m interested in the different takeaways everyone will have.

There's more news on the way so stay tuned and thanks so much for listening.

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