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Work Is Under Way On New Album

I wanted to take a moment, reach out and let everyone know that work is under way on a new record. So far I'm very pleased with its progression and where things are heading. I won't be sharing all of the details at this time because there's still a good amount of development left. However, I will share that I am working towards a full-length concept album. There will be recognizable themes throughout and the music will be telling a story. It will be another solo piano project, the story and themes will be shared through the music itself, song titles, narrative, artwork and online content.

Recorded very recently, I'm excited to share this work in progress with all of you so that you can be a part of the process as this record unfolds. Solar Flare is the working title for this track.

A very special project last year, Taking The Scenic Route was a new single released. I took the opportunity to seize the current inspirations I had, the track celebrated recent experiences and complemented Disenchanted in many ways. Working on that project in the studio opened up a portal of new ideas and possibilites which are currently being worked on every time I sit down at the piano. I will say that Taking The Scenic Route is an important song and will be featured on the next record.

Stay tuned for more updates, I will check in as soon as possible.

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